Robes are for
special moments

A sussex start-up

No more stripping off in public!

Look, we have all been there. On a cold, wet and windy day with only a teeny-tiny towel to protect our modesty as we are getting changed for the sports we love.

We have designed a unique and comprehensive range of robes that are so easy to get changed inside and are available in all sizes and multiple styles.

Protecting your modesty and keeping you warm and dry!

The Gorilla Robe


new feature

Unique double zip design

New Feature

Innovative double front pocket

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The open water escape

Gorilla Robes

est. 2020

Special memories


Made from 100% recycled plastic

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Ultra-soft microfiber robes


Our Promise

NEXT DAY DELIVERY when ordered before 9pm

FREE RETURNS: 60 day returns

PRODUCT GUARANTEE: All robes have a 12 month guarantee

Logo customization
Logo customization
Logo customization
Logo customization
Logo customization
Logo customization
Regular price £14.99

Please get in contact before ordering, you will need to order the product to our HQ

If you are part of a team, a WhatsApp group or just want your name adding to your robe we now offer logo customization.

Simple pricing includes postage


FREE 60 day returns

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