How to Clean a Waterproof Changing Robe

A waterproof dry changing robe is a fantastic piece of kit that enables us to warm up, stay dry and get changed before and after exercise.

Men's and Women's Changing robes are regularly used for stand up paddle boarding, surfing, triathlon, open water swimming and many more different sports. Our robes take a lot of abuse with wear and tear and it is therefore essential that we look after our waterproof changing robes so they last as long as possible.

We have put together a guide on how to wash and take care of your changing robe poncho. Please follow these simple steps to keep your changing robe in its best condition for longer.

The Gorilla Robes Care Guide

step 1

To clean your waterproof changing robe

·       Turn your robe and sleeves completely inside out so that the Sherpa wool fleece is on the outside and the waterproof layer is on the inside.

·       Leave the side zips partially undone and do the two side zips up to half-way

·       Wash on a low spin setting (gentle or delicate wash) at a low temperature of maximum of 30°c

·       Use a non-bio washing powder

·       Do not use bleach

·       Do not use Fabric conditioner

·       If you want to to be on the extra-safe side wash your changing robe by hand in warm water

step 2

To dry your waterproof changing robe

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·       Leave to hang dry inside out at room temperature or outside on a good drying day

·       Do not dry clean

·       Do not iron

·       Do not tumble dry

·       After being washed a few times you will find that the waterproof outer layer will become less water resistant. We suggest using a special DWR water repellent spray on the outer layers to protect and make sure that the water repellent properties are completely restored.

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